35 Minute Intermediate Core and Cardio Home Workout for Weight Loss

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This 35 Minute Core and Cardio home workout will help you burn fat, lose weight and get in excellent shape. Own all 4 workouts and our advanced abs program here: http://cranefactor.com/intermediate-home-workouts-for-weight-loss/

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Crane Factor is the brainchild of the two Crane brothers who have loved health and fitness their entire lives. From their early childhood years learning to lift weights with their father, to their later years exploring higher, more sustained levels of health and fitness, the Crane brothers share their passion for healthy living with people around the globe.

Crane Factor specializes in health and fitness home workouts from beginner level to advanced and beyond. These home workouts focus on various degrees of fitness including high intensity workouts, losing weight, burning fat, building muscle, getting ripped, HIIT, metabolic conditioning, and more!

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