3 Weight Loss Tips That’ll CHANGE YOUR LIFE

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These are 3 critical weight loss tips for anyone wondering how to lose weight fast successfully. You’ll learn about the proper weight loss workout, diet, and mindset to start losing weight in as little as a week. These 3 tips will finally help you complete that weight loss transformation, lose belly fat, and change your life. I highly recommend this video especially if your a beginner to my channel.
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If there was a way to lose the weight and keep it off without having to think about it wouldn’t that change your life. So what I mean is rather than having to constantly worry about managing your weight wouldn’t it be amazing to just never have to worry about it again. Well thats why today i want to go over 3 critical weight loss tips that will allow you to free yourself from the constant cycle of losing weight and gaining weight. These are not going to be your generic typical tips like do a detox do a lot of cardio do some crunches instead these will be about deeper Concepts that’ll allow you to transform your mind into a tool that makes staying in shape effortless. First place I want to start is with your values. See nobody talks about how important your mind and your belief system is when it comes to losing weight. But this. ……is where it all starts from. If your values are set on being skinny or having a perfectly ripped 6-pack or looking exactly like someone else in a magazine it’s going to be a lot harder for you to achieve your goals…. believe it or not. Your values … your core values should be deeper than that. Great core values that WILL get you to your goals are things like always looking to improve and become a better version of yourself, always maintaining good health, getting stronger then you were yesterday, and a commitment to aging gracefully. Because I don’t care how old you are we’re all getting older and what you do now will determine what and who you’re going to be 20 years from now. Notice that all those core values that I just mentioned are all pertaining to yourself. They are not based on someone else so what that does is it gives you control. You can’t control whether you’re going to have a perfect looking six-pack like the model in the magazine. But you can control whether you’re going to have a better core or in general a better body then what you had yesterday. Don’t worry about other people. Focus on yourself and improving over the days weeks months and years. A good example of this is my cousin and business partner George. We both did the same workouts, followed similar diets, put in the same amount of time and sometimes heck sometimes he even worked harder than me. And both of us improved both of us got healthier both of us got stronger we got leaner but we both look different. One’s not better than the other. But what if George got obsessed about „only wanting a six pack just like mine and that’s the one thing that he valued? If he didn’t get it he would quit. In fact he might not even give it enough time to even see if he can get a six pack before he quits. And he would have lost all those increases in strength health functionality Mobility and he sure wouldn’t stay lean very long all because his value system was wrong. Your values should not be to have a six-pack my values were never to have a six pack it was a side effect of chasing after things like getting stronger being a better version of myself than I was yesterday being more athletic mixed with hard work in the gym and descent genetics. So the first tip is to adjust your values and make sure you focus on what you can a hundred percent control. Next I want draw an even further distinction about your mindset. I’ve noticed that there’s two types of thinking people have when it comes to fitness and building their body. Nature versus nurture. This is one of the oldest arguments in the history of psychology. To put it simply if you believe in a nature perspective it aligns you with the belief that a person’s development is predisposed to his or her DNA. Adopting the nurture perspective acknowledges that everyone has different starting points, but it aligns you with the belief that a persons development is influenced by life experiences and his or her environment. Even though you can be somewhere in the middle of these two mindsets, usually people tend to lean more towards one of way of thinking over the other. Since nature vs nurture has been a highly debated topic for generations, and it’s been debated by psychologists that are far more qualified than me my goal is not to debate which one is correct. My goal is to simply find which one will serve you better in your weight loss journey. With nature the spotlight is on genetics and there’s no denying that genetics exist but with nature, your usually giving your genes more credit and more control than yourself and your actions.

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