3 Major Weight Loss Strategies

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This video highlights 3 major weight loss strategies. These weightloss strategies will get you the best results FAST.

Our fitness journeys can be quite tedious due to the giant sea of information we have available. In this video I give an overview of the best methods to lose weight. There will be many more videos going in great detail on each method and its effectiveness.

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The 3 strategies are:
HIIT Cardio
Dieting (Caloric Defecit)
Weightlifting (Resistance Training)

HIIT Cardio encompasses intense workouts like tabata. Here are some tabata workouts you can try: https://goo.gl/N6Wvwt

Dieting can be done many different ways and they will be future videos highlighting healthy eating.

Resistance Training is an extremely effective way to lose weight. Losing weight and lifting weights go hand in hand.

LifeSkulpt! We’re more than a few pounds down. We’re more than a few pounds of muscle. We’re stronger. We’re wiser. We’re better than we were yesterday. Fit Mind. Fit Body.

– KurtMacFit

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