* 3-in-1 WEIGHT LOSS Workout | Full Body CARDIO, STRENGTH + CORE at Home

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Get fit fast with this FULL BODY pyramid-style workout, which includes fat-blasting CARDIO, muscle-building DUMBBELL STRENGTH and challenging CORE STABILIZATION work. This is a quick, efficient and effective WEIGHT LOSS workout.



Warm Up and Cool Down:
Warm up is BUILT-IN, cool down is LINKED in video

Exercise Time:
21 minutes

PURPOSE of the Workout:
The combination of cardio exercise, strength work and core stabilization is excellent for weight loss; cardio is great for burning calories and fat, boosting your metabolism and mood, and increasing your overall health and endurance; strength work builds lean muscle tone, increases your bone density and shapes your body

This WORKOUT is Good For:
Beginners with some exercise experience; runners and athletes who want to build core and overall body strength; exercisers with weight loss, fat loss, body composition or other health and fitness goals

CARDIO (complete 40 reps of each exercise)
Goofy Jacks
Side Shuffles
Double Knees
Pop Squats

DUMBBELL STRENGTH (complete 30 reps of each exercise)
Overhead to High Knees
Close Squats
Lat Pullovers

CORE (complete 20 reps of each exercise)
Shoulder Taps
Spiderman Sprawls
20-second Plank Hold

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