20 Minute Medicine Ball Weight Loss HIIT Workout + Ab Bonus

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20 Minute Medicine Ball Weight Loss HIIT Workout + Ab Bonus

Build Muscle and Burn Fat with this 20 Minute super intense Medicine Ball Workout plus an intense Abdominal Bonus !

There are 5 Moves and all of the Exercises are performed using a Medicine Ball.

There are variations for Beginners and for anyone that does not have a Medicine ball.

If you are very new to working out you can perform the Exercises for 30 seconds as opposed to 45 seconds increasing your rest time so there reducing the intensity of the Circuit.

The Workout Starts Here: 10:37

The Exercises:

Perform each of the following moves for 45 seconds of work with 15 seconds of recovery.
Perform 4 Rounds.

1. Medicine Ball Mountain Climbers.
2. Toe Taps.
3. Squat and Press.
4. Knee Tucks.
5. Ball Burpee.

Abdominal Bonus:

Perform the following 3 moves for 45 seconds of work and 15 seconds of rest.
Perform 3 Rounds.

1. Chair Twisting Knee Tucks.
2. Hip Raise Lower Leg Lifts.
3. Rope Climb.

Equipment Used:

1. 8 Kg / 18 Lb Medicine Ball.
2. Kitchen Chair.
3. Exercise Mat.

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