20 FITNESS Tips that help Weight Loss for BUSY People

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The biggest excuse for people for not exercising is that they just don’t have time. Here are some easy ways that the whole family can fit in exercise time.

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1. If possible walk the kids to school
2. Get out of bed 15 minutes earlier and go for a quick walk
3. Get off the bus a few stops earlier
4. Park your car further away at work
5. Take the stairs whenever possible
6. Schedule your next office meeting at a local park if possible
7. Do a walk and talk meeting
8. When sitting at work take a few minutes to tighten your stomach muscles
9. Perform leg and arm stretches from your office chair
10. Take some of your lunch break to get in a quick walk

11. Take the family to the park
12. Play ball or Frisbee with your kids
13. Use the monkey bars at the park to work out on
14. Offer to rake leaves and cut the grass
15. Become the dog walker
16. Be the snow shovelling person
17. Take an evening fitness class
18. Walk with a good friend before going for a coffee
19. Walk around your neighbourhood this is great to do over the holiday season
to see all the houses decorated
20. Volunteer for a local kids activity group

These are all 20 Fitness Tips for you. If they are helpful for you, Remember and do them everyday.

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