10 Minute LOW IMPACT Cardio HIIT Workout for Weight Loss without Jumping | HOT 100 Challenge Day 23

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10 Minute LOW IMPACT Cardio HIIT Workout for Weight Loss without Jumping *** It’s the #HOT100 – quick, sweaty and FUN workouts to get you through the long hot summer! We’re going HIGH INTENSITY with LOW IMPACT today – no jumping and no equipment, but plenty of fat burning CARDIO in just 10 minutes!
(see full workout breakdown below)

What’s the #HOT100? ➜ https://youtu.be/FMRvfiI33Rc

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BEGINNER+ (Level Three)


10 minutes

Interval timer is set for 15 seconds, rest between each exercise or pair; repeat the circuit twice

Goofy Jacks
Goofy Jacks + Mountain Walkers
Rainbow Jacks
Rainbow Jacks + Walking Burpees
Kick Jacks
Kick Jacks + Mountain Flyers
Squat Jacks
Squat Jacks + Plank Walkers

Warm Up: https://youtu.be/RpxBr2XMDzE
Finisher: https://youtu.be/f-5YOeII2jM


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