10 Best Cardio Exercises For Weight Loss, Best Way To Lose Weight

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Cardio exercises are one of the simplest forms of weight-loss exercises; they elevate the heart rate and also boost your metabolism. Considered as one of the best exercises for burning fat, cardio allows you to get a lean body, initiate muscle growth, and lose excess fat.

Here are some of the best cardio exercises for weight loss that can help you to burn fat quickly:

Sprinting. One of the easiest ways to burn more calories in a small amount of time is sprinting.It can be done on a treadmill or outside. You hardly need any equipment to do this kind of workout, as it can be done anywhere. If you are looking to lose weight quickly, sprinting has to be your first choice. People are known to jog on a regular basis to burn more calories, but sprinting (running with speed and intensity) helps gain better results.

HIIT training. As mentioned above, intense training is the key to burning more calories quickly. HIIT allows you to work out every part of your body, burning lots of fat and calories. It can help you to burn almost 500 to 1,500 calories per hour. HIIT workouts are known to work best due to the intensity of every exercise and the variety of exercises and the repetitions that are performed.

Rowing. Rowing is considered as an intense training exercise because of its combined positive effects on the upper and lower body. For individuals looking to get lean bodies with good posture, rowing is the best way to do so with minimum stress on joints and ligaments. One can easily burn around 800 calories every hour at an average pace on the rowing machine. Also, increasing the intensity of the training with frequent sprints can increase the number of calories burned to 1,000 per hour.

Swimming. Swimming is another very effective cardio workout that helps you to burn fat all over your body. When swimming, you continuously paddle and flap your hands and legs to ensure you keep afloat in the water. This definitely requires all your muscles working together.

Cycling. Bicycling When you’re looking into cardio for weight loss, bicycling is a terrific option. The best part is that it’s versatile, because you can do it inside or outside. Riding your bicycle outside is really invigorating though, and it’s fun so you hardly even feel like you’re exercising.

Kettlebells. Kettlebell training is not new for individuals who hit the gym often. Although technically not considered a cardio exercise, kettlebells are known to offer high calorie-burning effects.Kettlebell workouts are a compilation of strength and intense cardio incorporation. It not only allows you to burn aerobic calories but also works effectively toward burning anaerobic calories. People are known to burn 1,000-1,200 calories per hour with this training.

Jumping rope. Jumping rope is one of the mainstream exercises that many gyms include. As it only requires a jump rope to work with, it is very cheap and easy to do. Apart from this, it also enhances foot speed and also burns a lot of calories.Jumping rope also improves shoulder strength and coordination between the mind and body. It also plays an important role in simulate sprinting and allows you to burn 500 calories in 30 minutes.

Stair climbing. Stair climber can also be the cardio exercise to burn fat. A frequently followed method to burn fat and calories, it can help you to burn around 500-600 calories.

Running. When you run at a constant pace, you are likely to burn more calories and fat, and running is one of the easiest ways to do so. As it also paces the heart rate, running increases the rate of calories burned. However, overdoing running can cause problems in maintaining muscle.For individual looking to lose weight by running but not affect joints, it is advised that you run on soft surfaces instead of cement or blacktops. If you choose to run on a treadmill, you can run at a constant speed for around 30-60 minutes daily to achieve best results.

Step aerobics. Step aerobics offers an intense workout without the hard pounding of other high intensity workouts, which makes it a popular fitness exercise. Step aerobics is especially good for toning up the hips, legs and butt and consumes approximately 300-400 calories in a 30minute high intensity session.

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